“If it ain’t broke…break it” workshop, Digilog, Taipei, 3 July 2015

Yesterday I had my first engagement of my Taiwanese trip, a workshop at Digilog here in Taipei.

Digilog is a little shop that sells synthesisers (including modular), microphones and related equipment, along with books and CDs.

Digilog set up (03 Jul 2015)

I was very happy with the workshop. I focussed on why I do what I do with turntables, and hopefully I conveyed some of my ideas and inspiration. It was also much more participatory than I’d anticipated – everyone had a go at playing with turntable settings, putting objects and records in different places, and a couple of people even smashed some records after I demonstrated the finer points of record-breaking technique!

Digilog workshop (03 July 2015)

I had some trouble showing some of the video clips I had planned to illustrate some of my discussion points, so I list them here for workshop participants who may be interested, and for everyone else, too:

Clinton Green – The Four seasons: suite for turntable

Sonic Youth – Burning spear – live 1985

Undecisive God – Angels (example of my experimental guitar work from 2001. Fan video – not made by me)

Ross Bolleter – Five Short Ruins

Justice Yeldham – Live in Tulsa

Ernie Althoff – Live at More Talk Less Action, 2013

Many thanks to Frank and Sarah at Digilog, and to Betty Apple for putting us in touch. Thanks to Chun-liang for translating at the workshop.

Two weeks in Taiwan, July 2015

I’m very excited to announce the details of my visit to Taiwan from 2-14 July, 2015.

During my stay, Chun-liang Liu and I will be working on site-specific/field recordings for an upcoming Moe Chee album release. There will also be some Moe Chee performances and I will also be facilitating two workshops.

Taiwan July 2014: 3 July 2015, 3pm – ‘If It Ain’t Broke…Break It’ workshop (facilitated by Clinton Green) @ DigiLog, Taipei, Taiwan.  Australian experimental musician and performer, Clinton Green, demonstrates his approach to faulty and redundant technologies as compositional material and takeoff points to free improvisation. Clinton works with defective record players and shattered vinyl records, pushing materials to the point of disintegration and failure, to seek new musical and sonic outcomes. Clinton will demonstrate and discuss his approach to music and noise in this workshop, and lead a discussion with participants about the possibilities of incorporating ‘broken music’ into their own work, both on practical and philosophical levels. Bookings.

9 July 2015 – Moe Chee, @182artspace, Tainan, Taiwan. Facebook event

10 July 2015, 3pm – Moe Chee Ruh Cafe, Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Facebook event

11 July 2015 – Moe Chee  with Jeff Carey & Sangatsu @ Lacking Sound Festival, Minquan District Activity Center, No.43, Sec. 5, Minquan E. Rd., Songshan Dist, Taipei, Taiwan. Facebook event

12 July 2015, 7:30pm – ‘Listen’ workshop (facilitated by Clinton Green) @ Murder Ink bookshop, Taipei, Taiwan

Australian experimental musician and performer, Clinton Green, leads a group workshop in the art of listening. Through discussion, group exercises and personal experiences, Clinton will lead the group in an exploration of sound in site-specific performance (in this case, a bookshop). The workshop will cover approaches to discovering and incorporating sound inherent in the site into performance, as well as focussing on the inner experience of listening itself. The workshop is designed for cast members of the upcoming Taipei Fringe Festival production “Cold Case Club”, directed by Clinton’s Moe Chee partner, Chun-liang Liu (running in late August 2015); as such, it is cultivated towards theatrical performers, but other places are open to people of all backgrounds and interests. SOLD OUT.