‘Thylacine’ available online now

My new solo album Thylacine is now available online, with CDs available in early October fromĀ Shame File Music.

This album consists of recordings made at Cradle Mountain National Park, Tasmania, during my residency there last year, both in the bush and in Cradle Mountain Wilderness Gallery. This was a very exploratory time, working not only with sound but also projections in remote locations; the cover art (above) is of a projection in Waldheim Chalet in the National Park.

Thylacine is available for free streaming above. You can purchase the downloadable version now, or pre-order the CD at the above link.


4 Prepared Turntables Under Swaying Sympathetic Suspension

This is a rough, unedited recording of a developing experiment involving multiple prepared turntables that interact with each other.
I rigged up a long pole above my work bench to address the practical issue of making it easier to change suspended objects hanging over turntables without having to climb up on a ladder to attach them from the ceiling. The pole is suspended in three places by fishing wire, and the idea was that objects could then be suspended from the pole, in easy reach. What I found in trying this out was that the pole itself swayed in all four directions as each suspended object struck a prepared turntable below it. This inadvertently addressed a concept I have been working on for the past few months, where several prepared turntables interact physically with each other, rather than existing solely in their own closed systems.
I then gradually set up more turntables on the workbench, each with their own preparations, both on the platter and suspended above, until the four (pictured) turntables were in place. This recording is the audio of the four units. Towards the end, I gradually removed some of the more sonically-strident objects to give space to other more subtle rhythms and textures.

Below is a short video demonstrating the set-up visually:

“The State of Sound: conversations about sound art and experimental music” now available to stream/download on demand

The weekly radio conversations I’ve been having with Camilla Hannan over the past month on 3RRR-FM’s Smart Arts programme have been collected together into an online album that you can stream/download for free from Shame File Music.

Our final conversation for the series is tomorrow morning (Thursday 14 January) at about 10:40am on 3RRR-FM if you would like to tune in, and will be added to the online album as well at some stage in the future.

Thanks to Camilla for initiating the idea, making it happen and joining me for stimulating conversations.

Ha Noi Streetscape

A short phone recording I made in Ha Noi, Vietnam, in April this year. The amplified voice you hear over the traffic is of government/propaganda announcements made from loudspeakers in the street. The announcements start about 6am everyday.