Talking about ‘Commute’


You can listen to a brief inteview with me on the West Projections website, talking about Commute, my new projection with choreography by Emma Riches. I’ll also be speaking about the work during the Sweet Seddon guided walk on Friday 16 August, 6-7pm.

Commute is showing nightly during the West Projections festival on the front window of Seddon Book Alley (107 Victoria Street, Seddon) until 18 August, and also at my Stability exhibition at Sunshine Art Spaces until 30 September.



My brand new projection work ‘Commute’ will be shown as part of this year’s West Projections Festival. The work features choreography by Emma Riches, with performers Isabelle Beauverd, Luke Fryer, Sheridan Gerrard, Siobhan McKenna, Rhys Ryan & Emma.

You can view it nightly from 9-18 August at Seddon Book Alley, at 107 Victoria Street, Seddon. The festival also runs a number of guided walks, and I’ll be speaking about ‘Commute’ on the ‘Sweet Seddon’ walk on 16 August.

‘Commute’ is also being shown at the Stability exhibition throughout August and September.