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The fifth iteration of A General Assembly of Interested Parties‘ INTERSECTION event will change location for the first time, and take place at the corner of Leeds & Hopkins Streets, Footscray, as part of the One Night In Footscray festival 2019.

INTERSECTION is a slow, conversational meeting point where the peculiar and particular are found within the ordinary. A clustering of people and pathways without particular motive or ambition, except for the journey (not the destination).

Friday 22 November, 2019 6-9pm

Free – all welcome

Events next week

Tuesday 14 May 2019, 8pm

Clinton Green & Barnaby Oliver duo

Make It Up Club, Bar Open (upstairs), 317 Brunswick St Fitzroy

clinton and barnaby (pic - J Callaway)
Photo: Jennifer Callaway


Sunday 19 May 2019, 9-11pm


Corner of Swanston and LaTrobe streets, Melbourne


The fourth roughly-annual GAIP event/happening of Intersection. Ren Walters ‘explains’ below:


Please join in for a wander around together for part or all and invite whomever may be interested. SOUNDING, sitting, STROLLING, conversing, TRAVERSING, processing, obsessing, STARTING, stopping, observing, draping, SKATING, voicing, running, CRAWLING, stalling, jaywalking, SKULKING, SILENCING, mumbling, bumbling, INTRODUCING, intersecting, WHISPERING, breathing, ARRIVING, LEAVING, fumbling, tumbling, huddling, falling, REVERSING, INTERSPERSING and so on . . .


To quote a past participant; “I came along, couldn’t see nothing so I went home”

And; during the performance I received a text from a co-performer “where is the music, where is the performance?”


The following is the original “score”;

INTERSECTION – (a point or line common to lines or surfaces that intersect.)

Participants continuously cross at the four traffic lights on each corner of the intersection, for one to two hours duration.

The dream is to be invitational through practicing/embodying openness and generosity toward the environment and fellow pedestrians. Taking the uncontrived opportunities that arise through this immanency.

This mode of being may be enhanced or facilitated by particular movements, gestures, appearances, sounds, props etc., when understood as ‘enabling strategies/techniques’ to generate momentum, to supplant self-consciousness, to stimulate a ‘performative frame’.

In circumnavigating this space, our attentive presence and movement will charge an energetic field in the vicinity.

 If for some reason you become diverted from this prescribed activity (by engaging in conversation, missing the green light because you were staring at the sky, taking a tourist to the nearest bus stop, etc.), this can be considered fortuitous. Then just return to your activity.

Intersection 3

The third iteration of Ren Walter’s Intersection event/non-event will take place from 11pm to 1am on Friday 18 May 2018, on the corner of Swanston and La Trobe Streets, Melbourne.

Ren writes about the concept:

For those who have not participated in such an event before; there is no expectation of performance. The process for me has been one of traversing/ being present at the location without necessity to overtly perform, although certain things have happened that would perhaps contradict that statement. For me, INTERSECTION began as an investigation into the when of performance alongside the how and what of performance…No formalities are undertaken just turn up and find your own way.

Video from the first Intersection in 2015: