“Commute” now online

A film I made last year for projection purposes, now online.

Commute (2019) (silent).

Performers: Isabelle Beauverd, Luke Fryer, Sheridan Gerrard, Siobhan McKenna, Emma Riches, Rhys Ryan.

Choreography: Emma Riches

Director/concept/camera/production: Clinton Green

Talking about ‘Commute’


You can listen to a brief inteview with me on the West Projections website, talking about Commute, my new projection with choreography by Emma Riches. I’ll also be speaking about the work during the Sweet Seddon guided walk on Friday 16 August, 6-7pm.

Commute is showing nightly during the West Projections festival on the front window of Seddon Book Alley (107 Victoria Street, Seddon) until 18 August, and also at my Stability exhibition at Sunshine Art Spaces until 30 September.



My brand new projection work ‘Commute’ will be shown as part of this year’s West Projections Festival. The work features choreography by Emma Riches, with performers Isabelle Beauverd, Luke Fryer, Sheridan Gerrard, Siobhan McKenna, Rhys Ryan & Emma.

You can view it nightly from 9-18 August at Seddon Book Alley, at 107 Victoria Street, Seddon. The festival also runs a number of guided walks, and I’ll be speaking about ‘Commute’ on the ‘Sweet Seddon’ walk on 16 August.

‘Commute’ is also being shown at the Stability exhibition throughout August and September.

This Will Be My Last Test (a film)

This is the edited film I projected on a loop as part of last month’s This Will Be My Last Test installation/performance with Carolyn Connors.

This film had an interesting evolution, and was the first part of the project I started working on. I began by asking some trusted improvisers I knew who were skilled in intuitive movement to improvise in the space. After each filmed session, what I wanted the footage to be evolved more and more in my mind, alongside the evolving performance and sound aspect I was working on with Carolyn (although I gave no further instructions to each performer for the filming sessions). By the time the third session was complete (with Emma Riches), an idea was forming in my mind for how the footage might be edited together in a way that reflected in subtle ways upon the themes that were developing in the performance part of the project.

I was very happy with how all the aspects of the work came together. And I have found that this silent film stands up well on its own. The process has also made me curious about filming dancers in other settings for projections and other purposes…future projects beckon…

My thanks to performers Chun-liang Liu, Michael McNab and Emma Riches, and to Carolyn Connors whose work in other aspects of the project influenced the making of the film.