‘Thylacine’ available online now

My new solo album Thylacine is now available online, with CDs available in early October fromĀ Shame File Music.

This album consists of recordings made at Cradle Mountain National Park, Tasmania, during my residency there last year, both in the bush and in Cradle Mountain Wilderness Gallery. This was a very exploratory time, working not only with sound but also projections in remote locations; the cover art (above) is of a projection in Waldheim Chalet in the National Park.

Thylacine is available for free streaming above. You can purchase the downloadable version now, or pre-order the CD at the above link.



Here are some more photos from my work around Cradle Mountain during the second week of my residency at the Cradle Mountain Wilderness Gallery in October:


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My focus was on developing my ideas around prepared turntables and projections in a site-specific context, often outdoors in the National Park. This was challenging creatively, logistically, and physically, but ultimately rewarding. I felt I had many victories, and the setbacks were all instructive. It was also interesting to find that the act of walking through natural surroundings alone felt like a large part of the creative process for me.

The fruits of this time will hopefully be shared with others in future performances, and have already influenced performances I’ve recently done in Japan.

Residency at Cradle Mountain Wilderness Gallery (1)

I’ve been here at Cradle Mountain Wilderness Gallery for 5 days now, approaching the half-way mark of 2 week stay. Below is some media of things I’ve done here so far. It’s been an invigorating experience so far, trying to interact with the environment (not easy, lots of rain so far, but the coming few days looks a lot clearer), and enjoying having massive galleries and a workroom at my disposal. It’s proving to be an intensive for developing new work, with ideas coming thick and fast. Sometimes the nature of a particular project idea changes dramatically over the course of a day/night, sometimes even over a few hours.

The Cradle Mountain National Park is an incredible place, and spending time in it (even without instruments, etc) I feel is an important part of my creative process.

I feel certain that my time here, and in Tasmania generally, will bear fruit for months and years to come in my output.