Quiet Noise V this weekend, and ‘If I Am a Musical Thinker’ on Monday night

Quiet Noise V

For those of you who haven’t been in previous years, it’s always a pretty special day of unamplified experimental music practice.

This year is another exciting line-up:

  • Jenny Barnes/Clinton Green/Michael McNab (voice, text, hitting, scraping)
  • Anna Fern (sound poetry)
  • Aviva Endean (mass blindfolded sound immersion, assisted by Dale Gorfinkel, Clinton Green & Michael McNab).


Quiet Noise V

Saturday 13 February 2016, from 2pm.

15 Neil Street, West Footscray (5 minute walk from Tottenham train station).


The Quiet Noise tradition is to order a jumbo veg biriyani afterwards, those wishing to partake can do so be chucking in $5 each.


Aviva’s ‘mass blindfolded sound immersion’ is first cab off the rank at about 2:30pm – not to be missed, so don’t go being all fashionably late.


Facebook event – https://www.facebook.com/events/934086086666063/


Also on Monday 15 February at La Mama Courthouse Theatre is ‘If I Am A Musical Thinker’:


#DYSWIH presents Ben Boretz’s ‘If I am a musical thinker’ at La Mama Musica with Brigid Burke (visuals), Warren Burt (electronics), Carmen Chan (cello, percussion), Llara Goodall (tape), Clinton Green (speaker), Adam Simmons (wind instruments), and Gary Verkade (recorded voice).


Originally written for graduate music students at the University of Texas, Austin in 1981, Ben Boretz’s ‘If I am a musical thinker’ is a statement of the aesthetic, social and spiritual credo of the American composer and theorist himself. He proposes that artistic expression answers primal human needs for experiencing identity through ariticulation in artistic media; and further, that theoretical reflection is constructively or deconstructively crucial to expression and is itself expressive in nature. [credit: stationhill.org]


The text is one of the inspirations to this project ten years ago.


Monday 15 February, 7:30pm.

Performance at La Mama Courthouse: 349 Drummond St, Carlton

Tickets $15/10 Phone booking: 9347 6142

Facebook event – https://www.facebook.com/events/1133970129988089/


Hope to catch up with some of you at either or both of these events.

Do You See What I Hear – video from Tilde New Music Festival

#DYSWIH @ Tilde New Music Festival 2016 highlights from #DYSWIH [DoYouSeeWhatIHear] on Vimeo.

Here’s some video of Carmen Chan’s Do You See What I Hear performance at Tilde New Music Festival on 23 January, 2016. Performers: Carmen Chan (cello, percussion), Brigid Burke (visuals), Llara Goodall (tapes, electronics), Clinton Green (voice), with Gary Verkade (recorded voice).

We’ll be performing a different, expanded version of this piece at La Mama Musica – Courthouse, 349 Drummond Street, Carlton, on Monday 15 February 2015, at 7:30pm. Warren Burt and Adam Simmons will be joining the line-up. Facebook event.

Tilde New Music festival – Saturday 23 January 2016

The Tilde New Music Festival runs from Saturday 23 to Sunday 24 January 2016 with a variety of composers and artists presenting contemporary music and sound art. I will be involved in several different performances taking place during the Saturday programme at Testing Grounds in Southbank:

  • I have been invited to guest curate the first two hours of the festival (2-4pm). For this, I have invited The Phonetic Orchestra to perform several new works composed by members of the group.
  • The second half of my curated two hours will be the premiere of a new work composed by myself called Discretions For Ensemble. This is a mutli-layered, complex structure for a large group of improvisers that extends from framework of 30 short improvisations tt Barnaby Oliver and I designed for the launch of our Discretions album in July 2015.  Performing Discretions For Ensemble will be: Shani-Mohini Holmes, Tully Sumner, Barnaby Oliver, Chun-liang Liu, Carmen Chan, Sam McAuliffe, Melanie Walters, Rhys Butler, Jennifer Callaway, Stephen Roach and David Seedsman.
  • Next on the agenda I will be performing in a new collaboration with Camille Robinson and touring American artist, Stephen Roach.
  • Finally, I will be performing Carmen Chan’s Do You See What I Hear? with Carmen, Llara Goodall, and Brigid Burke on projections.

Timetable for these performances:

2pm – The Phonetic Orchestra

3pm – Clinton Green’s Discretions For Ensemble

6pm – Clinton Green/Stephen Roach/Camille Robinson

9pm – Carmen Chan’s Do You See What I Hear?

There are many other wonderful things happening over the festival, view the full programme here



Improv Idol – Thursday 1 October, 8pm

We’re are getting towards the pointy end of Improv Idol; the improvisation ‘talent show’ conceived by myself and Carmen Chan. We’ve announced our panel of expert judges and our final contestants, and it all goes down at the Wesley Anne in Northcote next Thursday night (1st of October). YOU the audience will vote for the best member of an improvising ensemble, who then go through to battle it out in a final round.


Tonight from midnight, Carmen and I will be joined by one of our judges in Carolyn Connors on The Sound Barrier on PBS-FM, chatting to host (and another member of our judging panel!) Ian Parsons about good/bad/winning/losing improvisation. Tune in tonight or listen to the programme at your leisure from tomorrow. Ian has written this post on improvisation leading up the show.

Improv Idol!


Who will be Australia’s first King or Queen of improvised music?

This idea has been kicking around in my head for a while. In some ways, it follows on from my Good Improv/Bad Improv game piece/structured improvisation that has been played a few times over the past couple of years. It was at a performance of Good Improv/Bad Improv last year that I mentioned the idea of Improv Idol to Carmen Chan (who was performing that day), who said she’d be interested in working with me to make it a reality.

I’ve always been interested in the competitive nature of some improvisers; where one player seemingly plays over the top of the rest of the ensemble, and ends up being hailed a star. I wanted to come up with a format that would push this idea to the fore and see where we end up, and have some fun along the way. I’m also really interested in seeing how performers react to the situation where they are aiming to win the vote of a majority of an audience, and also what kind of performances audiences favour.

And so Improv Idol is born, a ‘talent show’ where the audience votes for their favourite member of an improvising ensemble, who then progresses through to the next round, guided by a panel of expert judges. It will be a lot of fun, and interesting as well.

Applications are open now – get yours in before they close on 4 September. Do you have what it takes to be Australia’s first Improv Idol? I think you do!

Australia chooses its first Improv Idol at the Wesley Anne in Northcote, Thursday 1 October 2015. I will be your humble host. Judges announced soon.