Where Does ‘Your’ Space End and the Next Begin?

A new book has just been published, edited by Candice Boyd and Christian Edwardes, entitled Non-Representational Theory and the Creative Arts. The book also features a chapter focussed on A General Assembly of Interested Parties (GAIP), the loose collective of artists and activities initiated by Ren Walters, of which I have been involved with as well. The chapter ‘Where Does ‘Your’ Space End and the Next Begin? Non-representation Geographies of Improvised Performance’ is written by Candice (a GAIP participant herself), along with several other GAIP participants, including myself. In it, we recount various GAIP-related experiences and events (complete with colour photos), which Candice assimilates into a theorectical context. It’s very satisfying to see this serious consideration of GAIP and it’s actitvities emerge, which sits besides Paul Blackman’s in-depth review of a GAIP-related THIS Ensemble happening last year.

The book is available from the link above (for a very expensive price), students and academics might prefer to check their library holdings. If anyone is interested in seeing the aforementioned chapter, please contact me and I’ll provide you with a copy.


Emergence was a three hour improvised event centred on a large graphic score by Candice Boyd. Candice organised this event, which took place at Mt Macedon on 21 October 2018. A GAIP event, featuring Candice Boyd, Yan Yang, Ren Walters, Michael McNab and Clinton Green.

Photos by Candice:

The video below is 30 minute section from early in the afternoon.

Emergence (with Graphic Score) from Candice Boyd on Vimeo.