“The State of Sound: conversations about sound art and experimental music” now available to stream/download on demand

The weekly radio conversations I’ve been having with Camilla Hannan over the past month on 3RRR-FM’s Smart Arts programme have been collected together into an online album that you can stream/download for free from Shame File Music.

Our final conversation for the series is tomorrow morning (Thursday 14 January) at about 10:40am on 3RRR-FM if you would like to tune in, and will be added to the online album as well at some stage in the future.

Thanks to Camilla for initiating the idea, making it happen and joining me for stimulating conversations.

Talking sound art and experimental music with Camilla Hannan over the summer

From this Thursday (24 December, 2015), I will be joining Camilla Hannan on 3RRR-FM each week for a 15 minute conversation about issues of relevance to contemporary sound art and experimental music practice. Camilla is hosting the Smart Arts programme for four weeks over the Christmas/New Year break, each Thursday from 9am – 12pm. I’ll be joining Camilla at about 10:40am each week for our chat.

Our first topic is “New paradigms for sound performance”, focussing on the question of audiences – how to get them/get rid of them, different audience/listening environments, the role of the audience and more.

Tune into 3RRR at 102.7 FM from this Thursday, or stream here.