“Commute” now online

A film I made last year for projection purposes, now online.

Commute (2019) (silent).

Performers: Isabelle Beauverd, Luke Fryer, Sheridan Gerrard, Siobhan McKenna, Emma Riches, Rhys Ryan.

Choreography: Emma Riches

Director/concept/camera/production: Clinton Green

New releases on Shame File Music


Ernie Althoff/Carolyn Connors – Surface Noise Vol.9 CDR – The penultimate edition of the Surface Noise series, which each include live recordings from two artists; one invited by the labels, the other then nominated by that artist. This volume features two key Melbourne music identities: instrument builder/kinetic sound sculpture maestro, Ernie Althoff, and vocalist/composer/performer, Carolyn Connors. Limited edition of 50 hand-numbered copies.


Great Rack “sample pack” digital – Looking for a lockdown project? Great Rack comes to the rescue with the release of “sample pack”, a pack of 100 free samples, that Emily Bennett invites you to do with what thou whilt. The A3 Korg Signal Processing Rack was the mainstay of Great Rack, the alias of Emily Bennett, in the improvising experimental trio Great Rack and an Empty Club Reverb. The machine’s 1988 volatility has been distilled into a downloadable pack of 100 vocal samples ready to be chopped and sampled for future music and beat making.
Clinton Green & Barnaby Oliver “The Interstices Of These Epidemics” CD/digital – Special pre-order price AU$12 ends 15 August. CDs available then or hopefully before, digital available now.


New additions to Shame File Music mailorder:
SPECIAL OFFER “Surface Noise” series, set of all available volumes – Get 7 available CDRs in the series for $50 (limited copies available).
Prophets – Complete discography special deal – Get Volumes 1-4 of the Prophets discography for the special price of $30 for 4 CDs, while stocks last.
DFFDL “Corella” cassette – Accomplished drone composition from Melbourne’s Anthony Cooley.
West Head Project “A Closely Woven Fabrik” CD – Beautiful outdoor performance in Tassie 2009 from Jim Denley, Monika Brooks, Dale Gorfinkel, recorded by Anthony Magen.
Order these and more from http://ShameFileMusic.com

New album with Barnaby Oliver

The Interstices Of These Epidemics is my brand new album with Barnaby Oliver, released digitally today on Shame File Music. It will also be available as a glass-mastered CD housed in a full colour 4-panel wallet in mid-August (you can pre-order now from Shame File Music for a special price).

In April 2017, Barnaby Oliver and I started recording with the aim of improvising long-form pieces made up of a restricted palette of gestures and sound sources. Throughout the next two years we came together sporadically as we continued this quest, working through various ideas and changing instrumentation. Our work was gradually refined done to what you hear on this album: a combination of harmonics arising from bowed metal bowls and violin (or piano), coalescing into other-worldly music that at first appears static, yet constantly shifts and re-grounds itself.

New video “Vigil”

Vigil is a new video I made for Make It Up Club’s online concert series, where it premiered last night.

Two of the drums featured were generously given to me by Nat Grant, and the coral chimes were made by Ernie Althoff.

CURRENT 2020: Householders

Perform your duties in an unselfish spirit…without desiring any result” – Sri Ramakrishna “Advice to householders”

CURRENT is a communal inter-disciplinary event that has taken place for several years on a roughly-annual basis. Initially forming as celebration of music improvisation from trios who had never played together before, CURRENT evolved to welcome a range of disciplines, including variously focussing on dance, visual art, and domestic ritual. CURRENT as a live performance event cannot take place under the current COVID-19 situation, but rather than see this as a restriction, CURRENT 2020 will be an opportunity to break those barriers previously imposed by being present at a particularly venue on a particular date. The 2020 theme is ‘Householders’: how can we relate, create, collaborate in new ways whilst largely confined to our homes. As in the past new ensembles will be formed to create a new work, but instead of a live performance, the new work will be conveyed via a video on a dedicated YouTube channel. Stay tuned as the results appear online over coming weeks and months.

YouTube Channel

Facebook group