EP’s/shorter releases

Purchases can be made through Shame File Music, where available.

Clinton Green “Young Women of Asia” 7″/digital (Shame File Music, 2019) Turntables prepared with misplaying flexi-discs of Japanese and Pakistani folk music, mediated into precise collages of whirling voices and broken melodies. Specifically composed for the 7” vinyl format, available in a limited edition of 50 lathe cut 7” singles, with full colour hand-numbered covers, each intricately sliced for a kaleidoscopic effect, with download code. Digital-only version also available. Download/digital version comes with a bonus live track.


Clinton Green “If Good Fortune Follows A Fellow” cassette/digital (Chemical Imbalance, 2018) Two different sides of recent turntable manipulation/output. Side A uses audio signal output noise from a misplaying “How To Be A Ventriliquist” LP found in Auckland, agitated by layers of cardboard and a suspended fingerdrum. Side B changes stride to a meditative percussive work generated by four turntables arranged with overlapping acoustic preparations. The cassette is a limited edition of 25 numbered copies, each individually packed with a Merz assemblage/lucky dip of objects/detrius collected/constructed by myself and Chemical Imbalance label overlord, Mitch Soden (includes download code).


Ernie Althoff & Clinton Green “Chrysler On The Lawn” CD (Iceage Productions, 2017) Live outdoor performance using a variety of acoustic instruments, objects and appropriated objects (BMX bike, cardboard tube, prepared turntable, bird calls, the titular Chrysler), quietly urging a composition into life that subtly interplays with the soundscape of the site. Limited edition of 30 copies, housed in a 7″ single-style cover, with postcard and CD hand-printed by the artists using greenery from the site.


Clinton Green & Andrew McIntosh “Stations” cassette (Marzurka Editions, 2013) These recordings were made in preparation for the live performance of a piece of the same name, but in this excerpted/recording context it is the sound of a deep curiosity / fascination with the lives of objects. Metal, ceramic, wood are subjected to scraping, bowing and clattering. organic percussive movement emerges and retreats along with prepared / broken turntable accompaniment. Acoustic chamber concrète. Limited edition of 25 numbered copies (reissued online by Shame File Music, 2016)

Undecisive God “Finnegans Wake” mini CDR (Shame File Music, 2011) – 2010 was the year I read James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake. Questions about its ‘unreadability’ aside, I discovered a strange rhythm and musicality in the text. I found that this along with its sheer otherworldliness began to influence the way I thought (not as in ‘thought about things’, but the mechanics of thinking). And in particular, the way I listened. The book is mysterious and unknowable, so it seemed impossible to articulate its meaning and/or value by conventional methods. This CD is an attempt to represent what Finnegans Wake means to me through sound rather than words.

Undecisive God “A Vinyl Construction” 7″ (Revolution Records, 2009/reissued online by Shame File Music, 2016) – Experiments with multiple turntables and prepared/broken records come to full fruition here with a release that poses questions both to the use of turntables as instruments and vinyl as a format. The music – crunchy multi-layered improvisations/processes that randomly sample small broken chunks from the original vinyl materials – is itself presented on 7″ vinyl, in handmade covers reconstructed from old record covers and broken vinyl shards; each cover is different, individually numbered and an interesting one-off creation in itself. Limited edition of fifty copies, all sold out.


Undecisive God “Duos for guitar and broken records” mini CDR (Shame File Music, 2007) Early turntable exploration work, focussing on live duos between guitar and prepared turntables/records. Limited edition of 52 handmade covers, scavenged from the covers and records of said-broken records.

Undecisive God “Headless” mp3/CDR EP (Shame File Music, 2005) An atmospheric piece intended to be listened to late on a cold night, alone in a warm dimly-lit room. Volume III of the Terra Australis Incognita series, and from the Eccentricities album. Download


Scott Sinclair & Clinton Green “Tamas” CDEP (Shame File Music, 2005) The “single” from the With Doors Open album by Scott Sinclair and Clinton Green featuring the cream of 3 years of guitar improvisations. “Tamas” is one of the most aggressive cuts from the album, whilst the two “b side” non-album tracks on this EP explore more low-key but nonetheless eccentric territories of guitar sound. Download


Live Performances” mp3 EP (Dreamland, 2004) Three live recordings from 2004 (2 from Brisbane, 1 from Melbourne) exploring the possibilities of using the guitar to build a musical atmosphere in a live scenario. Download


Undecisive God/W.I.T. “Modern Discourse” business card CDR (Shame File Music, 2003) Each artist presents a short remix of the other’s work. Download


Kettle/Undecisive God “Digilogue” mini CDR (Label:KETTLE/Shame File Music, 2001) collaborative recordings with Brisbane’s Kettle, combining the digital and the analogue. Download


Undecisive God “Prodigal” cassette (Shame File Music, 2000) – A ten minute cycle of faith, nihilism and redemption. Download


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