Compilation tracks

Tracks released on compilations, etc

SNOsound digital (2022)
Track “Fo(u)r flexi-discs (1 then 2 then 3 turntables)”

“The Final Transmission” 3CD/digital (Iceage Productions, 2022)
Track Clinton Green & Barnaby Oliver “16022019-II”

“Free Percussion/Water” cassette/digital (tsss tapes, 2022)
Track “Water Bottle Percussion I”

– “Audiobok: Remixes and Out-takes 1″ digital (2022)
Tracks “Remix I”, “Remix III”, “Remix II”

“Audiobok: Remixes and Out-takes 2” digital (2022)
Track “Remix IV”

“Let Your Freak Flag Fly: 3CR Community Radio Compilation #1” digital (2021)
Track “Three Turntables from Ernie”

“Space Between Space” digital (New Weird Australia, 2021)
Track “Four Turntables Under a Swaying Sympathetic Suspension (Quieter, Woody Objects)”

“Music Under Lockdown: Melbourne 2020” digital (Shame File Music, 2020)
Track “Hunt Club 1b” (with Nick Ashwood)

“Label Sampler #10” digital (Chemical Imbalance, 2018)
Track “If Good Fortune Follows A Fellow [excerpt]”

“Australianoise: experimental sound from Australia” online release (HNM/Australian Federal Records, 2017)
Track “Two Prepared Turntables Outside”

“1 Minute Autohypnosis 37th” CD/mailart/online release (Mute Sound, 2016)
Track “Cushion Beat 2 (Canon)”

“Cluster” CD (Cluster, 2016)
Track “Vinyl Cut-Ups”

“Fauna” online release (Dog Park, 2015)
Track “Insects of Langkawi”

“Mambo #7” online release (Super-malevolent Deity, 2015)
Track “MIUC, 19 Feb 2013 – edit 1” (with Barnaby Oliver)

“100:25:1” (Adam Simmons and collaborators) online release (Fat Rain, 2015)
Track “untitled (duet with Adam Simmons)”

“Sixes and Twelves” online release (New Weird Australia, 2013)
Track “Night At Uluru”

– “Iceage Productions Sampler No. 1” CD/download (Iceage Productions, 2012)
Track “RPMs 6” (available on RPMs 5, 6, 7 CD)

– “Phonographes Vinylises” CD (Manif D’Art 6, 2012)
Track “untitled”.

“The Shape of Sound Vol. 2” CD (Iceage Productions, 2011)
Track “At Uluru (excerpt)”.

“Bleak Metal” online release (New Weird Australia, 2011)
Track “Non Play”.

– “Fuck You, You Worthless Cunts” CD (Smell the Stench, 2011)
Track “4-717a-ii”.

– “Guitarelay” CD (2009)
Track “Trio”.

– “Unholy Matrimony” online release (Smell the Stench, 2008)
Track “Spinning Gerogerigegege”.

– “Please Get Up On 8” CD (ZH27, 2008)
Remixed with other artists.

– “Smell The Stench 2” online release (Smell the Stench, 2007)
Track “Scatter” (available on Everything’s Broken CDR). 

– “String Theory” 2CD (Dreamland, 2007)
Track “Duo”.

– “Smell The Stench” 5CD/download (Smell the Stench, 2007)
Track “No Input” (available on Everything’s Broken CDR).

– “Defenders of the Axe #1” CD (Dreamland, 2006)
Track “Every Night & Every Morn” (with Bokor).

– “Distance Over Fading Horizons” online release (Sonic Garden, 2005).
Track “Mote” (available on Offering CDR). 

– “Hidden Landscape: Lake Vostok” CD (Dreamland, 2004).
Track “The Long Night” (available on Archive Six: 2002-2003). 

– The Spinning Room “Anime Still Sucks” (Chastity, 2004).
Track “Anime Still Sucks (UG Remix)” (available on Archive Six: 2002-2003). 

“Melbourne Water” CD (W-Minc, 2004)
Track “Lot’s Hiss” (with Scott Sinclair, availabe on Archive Six: 2002-2003).

– “The Undertow: undercurrents of Australian Experimental Music” CD (Shame File Music, 2004).
Track “Multi3” (available on Archive Six: 2002-2003).

– “Woodlot Surer” (From The Same Mother, 2004)
Tracks “We Will Decide Who Comes to This Country”, “SIEVs and SUNG”(sic), “Mandatory Detention of Children” (available on Border Protection Policy CDR), “Dots” and “Multi” (available on Archive Six: 2002-2003).

– “The Prostitution of Philosophy” CD (ZH27, 2003).
Remixed with other artists.

– Here Be Monsters “Transmorgify Couplings” CD(ZH27, 2003)
Remixed with other artists.

– “Underground Australia” cassette (Cipher, 2003).
Track “Things Fall Apart” (available on Archive Five: 2001).

– “Sonic Waves” CD (2003).
Tracks “Welcome” (available on Archive Five: 2001) and “Tamas” (with Scott Sinclair, available on With Doors Open CDR).

– “Sound in the Absence of Light” CD (Shame File Music, 2001)
Collaborative live recordings.

– “Behind Closed Doors” CD (Shame File Music, 2000).
Tracks “Azathoth 2” (available on Undecisive God CDR) and “Pray” (available on Archive Four: 2000).

“Spill 3” CD (Spill, 1995).
Track “Secrets” (available on Archive Two: 1994-5)

– “A Land of Sweeping Sound” cassette (now available on CDR) (Shame File Music/SPOCK, 1995).
Tracks “The Loss of Reason and the Pursuit of Ignorance in the Quest for Corporate Bliss” and “Prosuct”.

– “Gosh I’m So Punk” cassette (Shame File Music, 1993).
Track “Full Circle” (available on Archive One: 1991-1994)

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