Quiet Noise X

Quiet Noise is back post-lockdown with a special Autumnal edition.

Quiet Noise X

Erin K. Taylor

Nick Ashwood/Clinton Green/Michael McNab


Saturday 17 April 2021 – 2pm.

15 Neil Street, West Footscray – Free – BOOKINGS (optional in case COVID restrictions limit numbers)- email cdgsham@gmail.com

‘Relativity/Only’ Album Launch

Relativity/Only Album Launch
Thursday 25 March 2021, 8:30pm
Avalon Bar, 387 Brunswick St, Fitzroy

My new album Relativity/Only (Nice Music/Shame File Music) will be launched later this month at Avalon (former site of Polyester Records). I will be constructing the sound sculpture that generated the music for the album (three turntables with suspensions and objects) for the event, and hopefully playing the tracks on Side A of the album on a “loop”, so to speak.

I will also be joined by Nick Ashwood and Michael McNab, and we’ll then play a “quartet” with the sound sculpture.

This will be my first live performance since September 2019!

Rehearsing with Nick & Michael

Relativity/Only is available now from Shame File Music and Nice Music.

New release: “Relativity/Only” LP/digital

My new solo album Relativity/Only (Nice Music/Shame File Music) has had a bit of a journey. It is my first solo 12” vinyl release, which makes it a bit special for me, so it seems appropriate that it’s had a winding path to realisation.

The album’s beginnings came from attempts to sonically document the main sound sculpture from my Stability exhibition of 2019. Basically, I was not happy with my own recordings of this complex sound sculpture, so I started fishing around for an engineer who had the skills and interest to record this multi-turntable driven beast. Ernie Althoff recommended Michael Hewes, who has done a lot of work recording Speak Percussion. Michael and I communicated by email in late 2019, when I sent him some demos and videos of the work, and it was obvious from those early exchanges that he got what I was trying to achieve.

We made tentative plans to record in his Richmond studio in early 2020. Throughout the summer, I honed the sculpture in my own studio space, working on sketches (see end of this post) to make it easier/quicker to set up in Michael’s recording studio. I also created and demoed several variations on the initial sound sculpture. By February 2020, I was in the studio with Michael, setting up for four different pieces, all based around 3 turntables and a suspended/swaying horizontal pole, and various percussive objects suspended from/placed on each.

Setting up mics in the studio

I’ve since come to understand what I’m aiming at as a kind of percussive episode that is free from human intervention or ego, yet has enough variation and chance at play that the rhythms constantly shift. “Everything Is In Motion” documents a more honed version of the original sound sculpture from the 2019 exhibition, whereas “Drum Circle” is more kit focussed (‘egoless drummer’). The two flipside tracks “Only (Two)” and “Only (Four)” are more reductive, where the hits/beats have much more space between them.

Our initial mixing session was in March 2020, just as the Melbourne lockdown was looming. Later tweaks were done remotely. I was very pleased with how the recordings came out. Michael’s knowledge of mic placement especially bridged the gap in what my own amateur recording skills lacked. These recordings all involve five microphones around the sculpture, covering different perspectives and conveying a sense of physical space.

I really didn’t know what, if anything, I would do with these recordings. The exercise was initially for documentation, but I was thrilled with the end product. When Simon J Karis of Nice Music expressed an interest in co-releasing them with Shame File Music, I was very happy at the prospect of these recordings having a public life on vinyl.

And now here they are, with Tim Panaretos’ photography large and stunning on the front cover, hot off the magnificent new Program Records press in Melbourne and sounding crystal clear. I hope you enjoy listening to them as much as I do.

Relativity/Only is out now on limited edition vinyl LP and digital formats from Shame File Music and Nice Music, and on all streaming platforms.

Many thanks to Ernie Althoff, Michael Hewes, Simon J Karis, James A. Dean for mastering, and Nat Grant for generously donating some of the drums used.

New THIS Ensemble double album on Shame File Music

THIS Ensemble “Brown Paper Business” 2CDR + box/digital – The long-awaited first audio documentation of legendary Melbourne interdisciplinary collective THIS Ensemble is finally here. Digital available now, and the lovingly-assembled-and-scarred double CDR housed in hinged wooden box on it’s way and available now for a special pre-order price (only 50 numbered copies). Shipping mid-February.

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David Watson and Tony Buck “Ask the Axes” LP
Jim Denley/Eric Normand “Plant 3” LP

Jim Denley/Eric Normand “Plant II” CD

Musgrove Barrett “Special Problems” CD

Judith Hamann “Music for Cello and Humming” CD – limited copies now in stock

Will Guthrie “Nist-Nah” LP/CD – back in stock

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New radio mix for sub_text

Deep in the heart of the Melbourne winter lockdown, European online radio stream sub_text invited me to make a mix for their upcoming end-of-year broadcast. I’ve made a mix of Australian sonic pioneers, bangers and oddities, historical and contemporary. This will be streamed live on 19 December (at 22:45 Euro time), which will be at 08:45am on Sunday 20 December AEDT (Melbourne) time. Relevant links:

*live at* https://threadsradio.com/ (select stream II)
*later at* https://www.subtextradio.net/
Facebook event https://www.facebook.com/events/420136192347608

Direct link to mix now on MixCloud.

Track details:

Untitled – Club Sound Witches, from “bdtd 165” (Breakdance the Dawn)

Def Whitlam – Volvox, from Various Artists “Spill Compilation Tape” (Spill) http://spill-label.org/spill1.shtml

Vegetable Items – Sister Gwen McKay, from Various Artists “The Rebirth of Fool: Vol 2” (Dual Plover) http://dualplover.com/fool2.php

Hi Lo – David Ahern (unreleased)

Breaking Bones – Will Guthrie, from “Sticks, Stones & Breaking Bonees” (Antboy Music/Lespourricords/Gaffer Records) https://willguthrie.bandcamp.com/album/sticks-stones-breaking-bones

Floor Tom 1 – A.S., from “Two Floor Toms, Two Kick Drums, and a Cymbal” (Tape Ways) https://youtu.be/9mCIaC2t85w

Readymade Marimba – Ren Walters, Clinton Green & Michael McNab, from “At The Salt Museum” (Shame File Music) https://shamefilemusic.bandcamp.com/album/at-the-salt-museum

No, No You Can’t Do That – Jas H. Duke, from “Poems of Life and Death” (Collective Effort Press) http://www.ubu.com/sound/duke.html

Journey #1 (excerpt) – Jack Ellitt, from Various Artists “Artefacts of Australian Experimental Music: 1930-1973” (Shame File Music) https://shamefilemusic.bandcamp.com/album/artefacts-of-australian-experimental-music-1930-1973

Death to the Users of the World – NO, from “NO” (Au Go Go)

God – Primitive Calculators, from “The World is Fucked” (Chapter Music) https://primitivecalculators.bandcamp.com/album/the-world-is-fucked

Sickness & Death – India Bharti, from “Spirit Sound” (Shiva Sounds)

And Now You Have To Go – Surge Guard, from Various Artists “Spill Compilation Two” (Spill) http://spill-label.org/spill2.shtml

Boomerang Tape Recording Club – Rik Rue, from “All Gear Drive”, JJ radio archive cassette (unreleased)

Make It Up Club 2012 – Carolyn Connors, from “Surface Noise Vol. 9” (Iceage Productions/Shame File Music) http://shamefilemusic.com/product/ernie-althoff-carolyn-connors-surface-noise-vol-9-cdr-digital/

Dub for St Rita – Rik Rue, from “Dub for St Rita” (Shame File Music) https://shamefilemusic.bandcamp.com/album/dub-for-st-rita

Who Do I Tell – Kallista Kult, from “Kallista Kult” (A Colourful Storm) https://kallistakult.bandcamp.com/album/kallista-kult-2

Through Fire – Jim Denley, from “Through Fire, Crevice & Hidden Valley” (Splitrec) https://splitrec.bandcamp.com/album/through-fire-crevice-and-the-hidden-valley

An Echo – Todd Anderson-Kunert, from “Past Walls & Windows” (Room40) https://room40.bandcamp.com/album/past-walls-and-windows