Stranger: 15-18 December 2022

Stranger is a new participatory event for small audiences devised by Aviva Endean About a year ago, Aviva invited myself and three other artists – Laura Altman, Carolyn Connors and Dale Gorfinkel – to contribute participatory/interactive works to the project. The work has been through a number of creative development phases throughout the year, which I have found highly rewarding, and also quite luxurious in having the time and space to focus on my work alongside such a high calibre of sound/music friends.

Stranger is finally seeing the light of day with a series of sessions for small audience numbers. It might be of particular interest for people curious about creating sound/music themselves in a free environment without traditional instruments, as well as for people more familiar with sound art and improvisation.

The Meat Market Stables Dec 15-18th 
Thursday 15 Dec | 6pm, 8pm
Friday 16 Dec | 6pm, 8pm
Saturday 17 Dec | 1pm, 3pm, 6pm, 8pm
Sunday 18 Dec | 1pm, 3pm, 6pm, 8pm
Duration: 75 minutes
Accessibility: The Stables is a wheelchair accessible venue. Please advise the team of any other accessibility requirements when booking.

Booking and More info

Walters/Green/McNab “At The Salt Museum” now available in full digitally

At The Salt Museum is now available in full on Bandcamp for streaming and download.

The tracks that made up this album were originally recorded on 4 December 1995, at the Murray Sunset National Park in North West Victoria. That will be 7 years ago on Sunday 4 December 2022, when Clinton Green & Michael McNab will be playing a duo in support of a rare Melbourne performance from Astasie-abasie.

A small amount of the original CD are still available.

Duo with Michael McNab this Sunday

Astasie-abasie (SYD)

LIKE (Llara Goodall & Ben Speth)

Clinton Green & Michael McNab

Sunday 4 December, 2022 – 6pm

Static 0pen, 144 Gordon St, Footscray


Sounds from Shame File’s everlasting vault of exploratory musicians, performed on Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung and Bunurong peoples’ land.

Astasie-abasie is a project of Ian Andrews which evolved out of a long running performance collaboration with Garry Bradbury. The project focuses on the amplification of small sounds (following the approach of John Cage, Gordon Mumma and David Tudor) through the capture of sounds generated by small objects by way of contact microphones, home constructed cartridges, miniature piezo microphones and conventional microphones. Various devices are used as constraints in order to distance any performing gesture of the artist from the compositional process.
Two albums “Elliptical Gamelan” (2022) and “Molecular Gamelan” (2021) have recently been released on Shame File Music –




Clinton Green & Michael McNab share a long history of improvised work in various contexts, arising out of the multi-disciplinary group THIS Ensemble and their ritualistic trio with Ren Walters. Each often works with percussive elements, and sometimes incorporate turntables, feedback, and movement, drawing on their shared experiences of sound and creation, always shifting and evolving.
Their 2016 album with Ren Walters, recorded in Murray Sunset National Park, is here –

December 2022 performances/events

  • Astasie-abasie, Clinton Green/Michael McNab, Llara Goodall/Ben Speth – Sunday 4 December @ Static: 0PEN (144 Gordon St, Footscray).
  • Ian Andrews/Clinton Green duo – Tuesday 6 December @ Make It Up Club (Bar Open – Upstairs, 317 Brunswick St, Fitzroy)
  • Aviva Endean’s Stranger: a performance installation for an ensemble audience (featuring some of my installation work) – 15-18 December @ Meat Market Stables (3 Blackwood St, North Melbourne). Bookings

Clinton Green/Ian Andrews “False Currency” out now

My new collaboration with Ian Andrews (Astasie-abasie, The Horse He’s Sick, Cut With The Kitchen Knife) is called False Currency. It’s out now on Italian label Tsss Tapes. Francisco from Tsss actually proposed this collaboration between Ian and I; he’s obviously got a good ear for these kind of things.

False Currency is available digitally via Bandcamp, and on a limited edition of 100 cassettes. For those in Australia, Shame File Music will be getting copies of the cassette in stock soon.

Ian and I will also be playing together live at Make It Up Club (Bar Open – upstairs, 317 Brunswick St, Ftizroy) on Tuesday 6 December, 2022.

“Archive” series digital release

The Archive series comprises ten volumes, issued on CDR from 2002-2013.  The series collects out-of-print, rare and previously-unreleased material of my musical output (largely under the Undecisive God moniker), beginning with nascent recordings made from 1991 through to 2007.

Primarily a private archival project, it has only been issued previously via on-demand CDRs. The CDR format will now be discontinued as the series moves to Bandcamp over coming months. The first two editions are now available on that platform, along with original liner notes:

Archive 1: 1991-4 (sham017) includes the debut cassette The Difference Between Light and Shadow in its entirety, plus some previously unreleased material and compilation tracks.

Archive 2: 1994-5 (sham019) features Undecisive God’s second release The Celestial Emporium of Benevolent Knowledge, plus 3 other compilation tracks and an early version unreleased of “Hallowed Be Thy Name”.

More will be added to the Shame File Music Bandcamp page over coming weeks/months.

Preview tracks are available for free streaming (these are what I rate as the most-listenable tracks, the rest are really only for completists and the curious).