“The Four Seasons” screening this week


In 2013, I completed the year-long cycle of four video works that came together as The Four Seasons: suite for turntable. This has only ever been available publicly as a four screen work here (Warren Burt also informs me he shows the work in his Aesthetics class every year – !), but on Thursday 28 February at LongPlay in Melbourne, it gets it’s big screen premiere.

I’m organising another iteration of Music With Intermission around this screening, featuring other performances involving both sound and vision:

Music With Intermission II – Thursday 28 February, 8pm.

At LongPlay, 318 St Georges Road, North Fitzroy.

  • Kota Yamauchi (JPN) & Matsu
  • Clinton Green’s “The Four Seasons: suite for turntable” (2011-2013)
  • Happy Axe (Canberra)
  • DJ Smart Phone Lady & Henri Mills

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Quiet Noise VIII

quiet noise VIII

Annual summer backyard show where experimental/noise/improvisers are challenged to play sans speakers/amplification

  • Maria Moles/ Dale Gorfinkel / Michael McNab – textural percussion first-time trio
  • Clinton Green / Barnaby Oliver – minimal bowed items drone raga
  • David Palliser – solo sax, clarinet, and other possible paraphernalia

Quiet Noise VIII

Saturday 23 February, 2019 – 2pm

West Footscray

Email cdgsham@gmail.com for address.


Free entry/free music.

Optional $5 to share in jumbo veg biriyani afterwards (vegan options available, too).


Everything Is In Motion @ One Night In Footscray, 23 November 2018


Everything Is In Motion is a new multi-turntable installation/kinetic sound sculpture that will be debuting at next week’s One Night In Footscray Festival.

The work is driven by four turntables underneath a series of suspended objects, striking items placed on each turntable. The suspension itself is sympathetic to the action below, it’s course and sway influenced by each strike on the objects circling underneath. Everything is in motion, nothing is stable.

The installation will run from 5-10pm on Friday 23 November, inside the MetroWest shopping arcade, accessible from entrances at 47 Paisley St, and the corner of Paisley and Albert Sts (near the Millennium Clinic). The preparations will be altered throughout the evening as part of a compositional structure I’ve written. Feel free to sit with the work and experience it’s rhythms for an extended period, or just drop in for a minute. It would also be worthwhile returning through the evening at different times to check in with how the work develops/decays, in between exploring other events as part of the One Night In Footscray festival (which are all free).