New video “Vigil”

Vigil is a new video I made for Make It Up Club’s online concert series, where it premiered last night.

Two of the drums featured were generously given to me by Nat Grant, and the coral chimes were made by Ernie Althoff.

CURRENT 2020: Householders

Perform your duties in an unselfish spirit…without desiring any result” – Sri Ramakrishna “Advice to householders”

CURRENT is a communal inter-disciplinary event that has taken place for several years on a roughly-annual basis. Initially forming as celebration of music improvisation from trios who had never played together before, CURRENT evolved to welcome a range of disciplines, including variously focussing on dance, visual art, and domestic ritual. CURRENT as a live performance event cannot take place under the current COVID-19 situation, but rather than see this as a restriction, CURRENT 2020 will be an opportunity to break those barriers previously imposed by being present at a particularly venue on a particular date. The 2020 theme is ‘Householders’: how can we relate, create, collaborate in new ways whilst largely confined to our homes. As in the past new ensembles will be formed to create a new work, but instead of a live performance, the new work will be conveyed via a video on a dedicated YouTube channel. Stay tuned as the results appear online over coming weeks and months.

YouTube Channel

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Debut cassette now on Bandcamp

All the way back from 1994…

This is a free/pay-what-you-feel download, but as Bandcamp a waiving all revenue for 24 hours from midnight on Friday 1 May (that’s from 5pm AEST time Australia), do check out my other Bandcamp releases, as funds from all purchases during this period will go 100% to artists.

Club Sound Witches #freakinmeout – out now on Shame File Music

#freakinmeout consists of Club Sound Witches’ (Matthew Earle & Nicola Morton) transcendent live performance at Melbourne’s Make It Up Club in July 2019, plus a longer studio track (in two parts). The beats are slightly off, you wonder if that bleep is a mistake or genius, vocals waft Circe-like out of subterranean caves backed by water dripping from stalactites. Soundtracks for uncertain times.
Comes in a 4-panel digipak with Matt Earle’s iconic inkblot-esque photocopy art, limited edition of 100 copies. Order CD by 15 April 2020 to get the special price of $12.

More new mailorder titles

Quiet Noise IX postponed


“After some thought and discussion with family, I regret we’ve decided to postpone Saturday’s event. This a conservative response to the Corona virus pandemic that will soon be upon us. It seems to me that these sort of events/gatherings will be discouraged or even banned within a number of weeks, so I have concluded that there is no point waiting for that and to take some prudent action now. Quiet Noise is such a special annual event for me, I’d be devastated if anyone got sick as a result. At worst, this is a silly overreaction; if so, I can live with that. We will have tarab and Chun-Liang Liu again sometime in future (note: this decision has nothing to do with them).”

Quiet Noise IX – POSTPONED


Annual backyard/house experimental music/performance event returns for its ninth year:

Tarab – Careful arrangements of sonic rubbish, fresh from his recent European tour.

Chun-liang Liu – Special one-off Melbourne performance whilst visiting from Taiwan to present her “Fermenting: Listening” show at the Castlemaine Festival as part of Asia TOPA.

Clinton Green – The secret sonic lives of objects.

Free entry, free music.
$5 to share in a meal afterwards.

Saturday 14 March, 2020. 2-5pm

West Footscray – get in contact for address

Facebook event