Duo with Michael McNab this Sunday

Astasie-abasie (SYD)

LIKE (Llara Goodall & Ben Speth)

Clinton Green & Michael McNab

Sunday 4 December, 2022 – 6pm

Static 0pen, 144 Gordon St, Footscray


Sounds from Shame File’s everlasting vault of exploratory musicians, performed on Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung and Bunurong peoples’ land.

Astasie-abasie is a project of Ian Andrews which evolved out of a long running performance collaboration with Garry Bradbury. The project focuses on the amplification of small sounds (following the approach of John Cage, Gordon Mumma and David Tudor) through the capture of sounds generated by small objects by way of contact microphones, home constructed cartridges, miniature piezo microphones and conventional microphones. Various devices are used as constraints in order to distance any performing gesture of the artist from the compositional process.
Two albums “Elliptical Gamelan” (2022) and “Molecular Gamelan” (2021) have recently been released on Shame File Music – 




Clinton Green & Michael McNab share a long history of improvised work in various contexts, arising out of the multi-disciplinary group THIS Ensemble and their ritualistic trio with Ren Walters. Each often works with percussive elements, and sometimes incorporate turntables, feedback, and movement, drawing on their shared experiences of sound and creation, always shifting and evolving.
Their 2016 album with Ren Walters, recorded in Murray Sunset National Park, is here – 

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