New radio mix for sub_text

Deep in the heart of the Melbourne winter lockdown, European online radio stream sub_text invited me to make a mix for their upcoming end-of-year broadcast. I’ve made a mix of Australian sonic pioneers, bangers and oddities, historical and contemporary. This will be streamed live on 19 December (at 22:45 Euro time), which will be at 08:45am on Sunday 20 December AEDT (Melbourne) time. Relevant links:

*live at* (select stream II)
*later at*
Facebook event

Direct link to mix now on MixCloud.

Track details:

Untitled – Club Sound Witches, from “bdtd 165” (Breakdance the Dawn)

Def Whitlam – Volvox, from Various Artists “Spill Compilation Tape” (Spill)

Vegetable Items – Sister Gwen McKay, from Various Artists “The Rebirth of Fool: Vol 2” (Dual Plover)

Hi Lo – David Ahern (unreleased)

Breaking Bones – Will Guthrie, from “Sticks, Stones & Breaking Bonees” (Antboy Music/Lespourricords/Gaffer Records)

Floor Tom 1 – A.S., from “Two Floor Toms, Two Kick Drums, and a Cymbal” (Tape Ways)

Readymade Marimba – Ren Walters, Clinton Green & Michael McNab, from “At The Salt Museum” (Shame File Music)

No, No You Can’t Do That – Jas H. Duke, from “Poems of Life and Death” (Collective Effort Press)

Journey #1 (excerpt) – Jack Ellitt, from Various Artists “Artefacts of Australian Experimental Music: 1930-1973” (Shame File Music)

Death to the Users of the World – NO, from “NO” (Au Go Go)

God – Primitive Calculators, from “The World is Fucked” (Chapter Music)

Sickness & Death – India Bharti, from “Spirit Sound” (Shiva Sounds)

And Now You Have To Go – Surge Guard, from Various Artists “Spill Compilation Two” (Spill)

Boomerang Tape Recording Club – Rik Rue, from “All Gear Drive”, JJ radio archive cassette (unreleased)

Make It Up Club 2012 – Carolyn Connors, from “Surface Noise Vol. 9” (Iceage Productions/Shame File Music)

Dub for St Rita – Rik Rue, from “Dub for St Rita” (Shame File Music)

Who Do I Tell – Kallista Kult, from “Kallista Kult” (A Colourful Storm)

Through Fire – Jim Denley, from “Through Fire, Crevice & Hidden Valley” (Splitrec)

An Echo – Todd Anderson-Kunert, from “Past Walls & Windows” (Room40)

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