Irregular Correspondence Mixcloud

During Melbourne’s winter lockdown, I spent some time making a couple of mixes. The first was commissioned for an online radio show and will be broadcast next month (stay tuned…). The second, Irregular Correspondence, I made off my own bat because I enjoyed making the first one so much. In compiling it, I found myself reflecting on loss, grief, and this strange year.

Full details and track listing below:

  1. Albert Ayler “Truth Is Marching In”, from “Live in Greenwich Village: The Complete Impulse Recordings (Impulse! 1998, rec. 1966)
  2. Sun Ra and the Omniverse Jet Set Arkestra “Journey to Saturn/Saturn’s Rings”, from “The Complete Detroit Jazz Center Residency” (Transparency 2008, rec. 1980)
  3. Reverend Sister Mary M. Nelson “Judgement”, from “Anthology of American Folk Music” (Folkways 1952, rec. 1927)
  4. Splatterheads “Ticket”  (live to air Triple J, 1990)
  5. A.A. Gray and Seven Foot Dilly “The Old Ark’s A Moving”, from “Goodbye, Babylon” (Dust To Digital 2003, rec. 1930)
  6. Dickson Dee “HK Now”, from “East Asia PhoNographic Mornings” (Each Morning of the World 2020)
  7. The Donkey’s Tail “Why Noise?”, from “Why Noise?” (White Circle Records 2013)
  8. Cor Fuhler & Dale Gorinkel “Live at CURRENT 2018” (private recording)
  9. Pateras/Baxter/Brown “Bern 3”, from “Bern – Melbourne – Milan” (Immediata 2018, rec. 2006)
  10. Clinton Green “Setting for ‘The Iliad’”, from “Iliad” (Frustration Jazz 2018)
  11. Michael Pisaro (performed by Greg Stuart) “A Cloud Drifting Over the Plain”, from “Four Pieces for Recorded Percussion (Il faut attendre)” (2020)
  12. Diane Cluck “My Teacher Died/Countless Times”, from “Countless Times” (Voodoo Eros 2005)
  13. DFFDL “Corella”, from “Corella” (Reduction Group 2020)
  14. Sun Ra and His Arkestra “They Plan to Leave”, from “Ra to the Rescue” (Saturn 1983)
  15. Fiona Apple “I Want You To Love Me”, from “Fetch the Bolt Cutters” (Clean Slate/Epic 2020)

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