New in the Shame File Music web shop

Judith Hamann Blank Forms albums pre-orders – Pre-order numbers for Hamann’s two new albums from US label Blank Forms will soon be finalised, so be sure to get your pre-order in to avoid disappointment.

Mattias Gustafsson “Piano & Tapeworks 2017-2020” cassette
Mattias Gustafsson “Tapeworks Volume VIII” cassette
Mattias Gustafsson “Tapeworks Volume VII (Landmusik)” cassette
– Compelling chamber tape works from Swedish sound artist.

Open Space 22 “For Chris Mann” magazine – an issue of the US-based magazine dedicated to the late artist.

DFFDL/Scenic Recovery “Split” cassette – prime Melbourne drones/ambient split.

Red Kangaroo “Symphony” CDR – anti-radio composition created with captured radio frequency fields

Nick Ashwood “Strings” cassette – bowed/prepared acoustic guitar recorded in a Tasmanian concrete bunker

Tom Hall “Particle Transport” CDR  – uplifting synth studies.

Firoza “In the Noon of Ashura” LP – beautiful electronic pieces alongside field recording vignettes on green vinyl.

Greymouth “Telepathic Dunce” cassette – expat Kiwis record lofi tape in Japan.

Dan Gilmore “Undercovers” cassette – nocturnal subconscious tape mumblings.

Dan Gilmore “Drupes” CDR – sounds of objects up-close.

LST “Hard Drive Vinegar Vol. 1” cassette – from Tarquin Manek of Bum Creek, Kallista Kult, etc.

Alexander Garsden “Of Another (Duos 2018-2019)” CD – debut collection of acoustic guitar duos back in stock.

Order these and more from

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