CURRENT 2020: Householders

Perform your duties in an unselfish spirit…without desiring any result” – Sri Ramakrishna “Advice to householders”

CURRENT is a communal inter-disciplinary event that has taken place for several years on a roughly-annual basis. Initially forming as celebration of music improvisation from trios who had never played together before, CURRENT evolved to welcome a range of disciplines, including variously focussing on dance, visual art, and domestic ritual. CURRENT as a live performance event cannot take place under the current COVID-19 situation, but rather than see this as a restriction, CURRENT 2020 will be an opportunity to break those barriers previously imposed by being present at a particularly venue on a particular date. The 2020 theme is ‘Householders’: how can we relate, create, collaborate in new ways whilst largely confined to our homes. As in the past new ensembles will be formed to create a new work, but instead of a live performance, the new work will be conveyed via a video on a dedicated YouTube channel. Stay tuned as the results appear online over coming weeks and months.

YouTube Channel

Facebook group


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