Surface Noise Vol. 3 out now on Shame File Music/Iceage Productions

New on Shame File Music/Iceage Productions:

Joe Musgrove/Makro & Hetlev “Surface Noise Vol. 3” CDR
A double header from a selection of Brisbane masters of drone and electronic abstraction. Musgrove has long been a master of all things drone, with both his solo work and as part of Biffplex. On his track we hear the last part of an 8 hour overnight performance, as it all grinds to an entropic end. Makro/Hetlev are Lloyd Barrett (Diaspora, Secret Killer of Names) and Paul Forbes Mitchell (Hetleveiker) in live electronic dialogue.

Surface Noise is a series of limited edition (50 copies), hand-numbered CDRs documenting live performances of experimental and noise artists. Each volume features live performances from two different artists; the first initially invited by the curators, and the second then chosen by the first artist. Co-released by Melbourne labels Iceage Productions and Shame File Music, the series will consist of ten volumes.

Copies available from Shame File Music. Stream online here

The Surface Noise series:

Vol. 1 – cleaninglady/Klunk – copies still available
Vol. 2 – Cat Hope/White Drummer – sold out
Vol. 3 – Joe Musgrove/Makro & Hetlev – out now
Vol. 4 – Ben Byrne & Rosalind Hall/Anthea Caddy & Matt Davis – out soon

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