Shame File Music – January sale

Australia Post drastically increased postage as at 1 January 2016, which means I now have to do a lot of work on the Shame File Music website to revamp postage prices.

Help me out and pick yourself up a bargain in the process by purchasing some of the below items – only one copy remains of each. If you buy it, I don’t have to update it’s price!

To encourage you, I’ve discounted all their prices.

View the sale items on the Shame File Music website. Make your selections, then email me at cdgsham AT gmail DOT com and I will quote you postage, arrange payment via EFT or Paypal

Besides these titles, you may want to take advantage of the fact that all the other hundreds of titles on the website are still quoting the old, cheaper postage rates, and order some of those as well before the new postage rates are instated on the website in February.


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