THIS Ensemble Country Tour reflections

THIS Ensemble Country Tour, 28 October – 3 November 2015. Avoca – Minyip – Jeparit – Natimuk (Nati Frinj Festival) – Dimboola – Horsham.

The road

The horizonMinyip


The stars

The moon

The backyards

The picnics

The pubs

The railway tracks

The light

The abandoned servo

I was leaning against the building, playing it by bashing my elbows into it. I thought to myself ‘I’m probably going to hurt myself here’, but I felt fine afterwards.

The car dance/confrontation

The illnesses and the injuries

The lakes

The chips

The vegetarian option

The snoring

The smells

The coffee

The kid who said “that’s cool”

The trees

The cop

The soup

The giddy thrill of playing and hanging out with so many ridiculously talented people

The unexpected arrivals

The dancers who appeared out of nowhere

The bridges

The gong

My fingers were numb after holding the gong for a couple of hours. The feeling mostly came back the next day; but even now, over a week later, part of my index finger is still numb. Or is it calloused?

The beauty so intense I felt I had to look away…but didn’t

‘We are all going to die’

The jealousies

The fighting

The trying and failing, but trying anyway

Walking away and coming back



The love

The rhythms

The hat

The advice

The bullshit

The wisdom

The quiet

The flies

Billy chai

The field

Liberté, égalité, fraternité

The bone

Commitments made

In the field, I pushed myself up from the ground and my elbow locked up like it was dislocated or something. Seems like I had hurt it the other day after all. Horsham Roadhouse

The fire

The motion (is its own reward)

Horsham Roadhouse, 1:30am

Space is the place

The river

The dead rabbit

The temple

The birds

The salt

My feet broke through a damp part of the salt pan. Walking back across the lake, I noticed blood in the footprints I made (left foot). Two of my toes were cut; they must have been sliced by salt crystals when I fell through the surface. I bled all the way back across the lake.

The mealPink Lake

The river dance

The mist

The table walk

The dice

The music













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