The Birds Conference – new production/season begins Wednesday 2 September 2015

Birds Confereance lampThe Birds Conference began life in 2014 with a short three night season as part of La Mama Theatre’s Explorations series. Now the show is back at La Mama for a two week season. The production is very different to last year’s show, with the addition of Simon Fisher on visuals, and a quite different tone and flow to the story. Rehearsals have often been jaw-dropping affairs, with powerhouse performances by our Naghal (storyteller), Elnaz Sheshgelani. I am providing music, joined on some nights by Ren Walters. Official blurb follows:

The birds of the world gather to embark upon a perilous journey to find the Simorgh, a mythical Persian Phoenix-like bird.

In the end, only thirty remain and find nothing but their own reflection in the lake.
In that moment they come to the non-dualist realisation that we are the “One that has no Other”; there is no separation.

Through her personal reconstruction of a lost, ancient, pre-Islamic form of Persian storytelling, “Naghali”, Elnaz Sheshgelani takes you through the seven levels of self-discovery embodied in this story.

A unique style of puppetry, masks, dance and Persian singing draws the audience to a magical place to experience the timeless nature of our humanity – that which connects us to one another.

Tickets are selling fast (Opening Night already sold out), book yours quick to avoid disappointment.

2-13 September, 2015

Wed 6.30pm
Thu 7.30pm
Fri 7.30pm
Sat 7.30pm
Sun 4pm

(no shows Monday or Tuesday)

La Mama Theatre, 205 Faraday Street, Carlton


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