‘Namechanger’ premiere, with Shani Mohini-Holmes at La Musica, Monday 20 July 2015



Leaving Taiwan today back in Melbourne to play a duo performance with Shani Mohini-Holmes at La Mama Musica on Monday 20 July. I have written a piece for vocals/text for Shani called “Namechanger”, this is the world premiere! It was written especially for the ‘X’ entry of my Address Book project  . How can Shani Mohini-Holmes be the ‘X’ entry, you ask? Well, the performance involves Shani ‘legally’ changing her name to ‘Shani Xceptional’.

We will also be improvising some other text-based works.

La Musica, La Mama Theatre, Faraday Street, Carlton

Monday 20 July 2015 – 7:30pm

Facebook event

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