‘Listen’ workshop – Taipei, 12 July 2015 – reading and references

Photo: Kuan-Chiun Chuang
Photo: Kuan-Chiun Chuang

On Sunday night, I ran the ‘Listen’ workshop at the Murder Ink book store in Taipei. The workshop was specifically for the cast and crew of the upcoming Taipei Fringe Festival production Cold Case Club, but was also open to others who booked as well. Chun-liang Liu kindly translated to Mandarin for me. I really enjoyed the evening and think the participants did as well.

Photo: Kuan-Chiun Chuang
Photo: Kuan-Chiun Chuang

For participants, here are some references and further reading regarding some of the people and ideas we talked about:

Pauline Oliveros Deep Listening: A Composer’s Sound Practice, iUniverse : 2005 – about Pauline Oliveros and Deep Listening

Marc Weidenbaum “Sound Class, Week 1 of 15: An Introduction to Listening” in Disquiet 4 Feb 2015

Aviva Endean A Face Like Yours video, 2015 (thanks to Aviva for permission to use her video)

John Cage describes his experience in the anechoic chamber:

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