“If it ain’t broke…break it” workshop, Digilog, Taipei, 3 July 2015

Yesterday I had my first engagement of my Taiwanese trip, a workshop at Digilog here in Taipei.

Digilog is a little shop that sells synthesisers (including modular), microphones and related equipment, along with books and CDs.

Digilog set up (03 Jul 2015)

I was very happy with the workshop. I focussed on why I do what I do with turntables, and hopefully I conveyed some of my ideas and inspiration. It was also much more participatory than I’d anticipated – everyone had a go at playing with turntable settings, putting objects and records in different places, and a couple of people even smashed some records after I demonstrated the finer points of record-breaking technique!

Digilog workshop (03 July 2015)

I had some trouble showing some of the video clips I had planned to illustrate some of my discussion points, so I list them here for workshop participants who may be interested, and for everyone else, too:

Clinton Green – The Four seasons: suite for turntable

Sonic Youth – Burning spear – live 1985

Undecisive God – Angels (example of my experimental guitar work from 2001. Fan video – not made by me)

Ross Bolleter – Five Short Ruins

Justice Yeldham – Live in Tulsa

Ernie Althoff – Live at More Talk Less Action, 2013

Many thanks to Frank and Sarah at Digilog, and to Betty Apple for putting us in touch. Thanks to Chun-liang for translating at the workshop.

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