Val Stephen “Abstractum” LP


Val Stephen “Abstractum: the electrogenic music of Val Stephen” LP is out now on Dual Planet, featuring liner notes by myself.

These recordings are sourced from a research project I completed a few years ago with John Whiteoak (author of Playing Ad Lib and The Currency Companion to Music and Dance in Australia – essential items for your bookshelves of anyone interested in improvised music in Australia) where Stephen’s tape archive was catalogued and digitised. John and I co-authored an article on Stephen’s music for Musicology Australia (“Dr. Val Stephen, a ‘gentleman amateur’ in Australian electronic music experiment of the 1960s”, Musicology Australia Vol 32, No. 2 : December 2010, pp. 265-284) , and Shame File Music released an online album of the highlights of the archive called Electrogenesis.

If anyone is interested in seeing our article on Stephen, contact me.

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