End of April. Beginning of May – 默契 (Moe Chee)

Photo: Carmen Chan
Photo: Carmen Chan

Sunday 3 May is the beginning of a big project Chun-liang Liu and I (Moe Chee) have been planning since last year. End of April Beginning of May consists of 7 performances over 7 consecutive days, undertaken without permission at a public space in Melbourne CBD. We will perform at different times of the day (dawn, lunchtime, evening, the middle of the night), with different guest artists on most days.

Our schedule:

– Sunday 3 May, 3pm – 默契

– Monday 4 May, dawn – 默契 with Carmen Chan

– Tuesday 5 May, 9am – 默契

– Wednesday 6 May, 12pm – 默契 with Ren Walters

– Thursday 7 May, 3am (Friday morning) -默契 with Gabriela Green

– Friday 8 May, 11pm – 默契 with Jennifer Callaway

– Saturday 9 May, 4pm-sunset – 默契 with Shani Holmes, and picnic for guest artists and audience.

Venue: State Library of Victoria forecourt and surrounds.

All performances are free. Chun-liang and I are also recording our expectations and experiences on this page.

Facebook event page

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